Shipping Policy

  1. Shipping Procedures

    Pawngo will provide you a pre-paid shipping label by so that you may ship your Property to us via Federal Express. Alternatively, you may arrange for your own shipping through a carrier of your choice and at your own expense. In the event you use the shipping label provided by Pawngo, your Property will be insured for up to $100 by Federal Express and will be covered by our supplemental insurance policy thereafter. In the event you use your own shipping label and packaging, you must insure your property with the carrier for its full value and if it is lost or stolen prior to reaching Pawngo, you must make a claim against the carrier. If you use the Pawngo provided shipping label, and wish to insure your Property with Federal Express for more than $100, or if you wish to ship the items faster than Federal Express 2nd Day Air service, you may do so at your own expense. Pawngo may, at your request, pay these additional charges and deduct the amount from your Pawn Loan proceeds. It is your responsibility to obtain and retain a receipt for shipping from the shipping agent. This receipt should include a unique tracking code, and this receipt will be required for any insurance claim. You must also ensure that you can produce photograph(s) of your Property as well as at least one document per item which will prove ownership and the current value of your Property. In addition to the FEDEX shipping insurance coverage, Pawngo provides supplementary insurance on your valuable during shipping with FEDEX. This coverage supplements the FEDEX insurance in the event that any actual loss is not fully covered by the FEDEX insurance coverage. The supplemental insurance covers the actual loss based on the current fair market value of your item. Please note that it is your responsibility to keep safe all documentation relating to your Property that would be required in support of an insurance claim, including, but not limited to any purchase receipts, shipping receipts, certificates, valuations, insurance documents or photos.

  2. Proper Packaging

    It is your responsibility to ensure that your items are securely and appropriately packaged, including the use of additional and/or item specific packaging. Pawngo cannot be held responsible for damage to items sent in inappropriate packaging. Pawngo reserves the right to reject delivery of any package which appears to be damaged, opened, or tampered with. Any such item will be returned to you without further liability to Pawngo.

  3. Item Returns

    Should you make a payment in full to redeem your Property, or decline to proceed with a Pawn Loan after you have shipped your Property, Pawngo will ship the Property back to you within 2 business days of notice to Pawngo of either event. The Property will be shipped either via Federal Express, Certified Signature required to the postal address listed on the Pawn Ticket Agreement or, in the case of a Property return if you decline to proceed with a Pawn Loan, the most recent postal address you have provided in your application. Should you require the Property to be returned to an address that is different than the address reflected on the Pawn Ticket Agreement, you must provide Pawngo with a copy of a current photo ID acceptable to Pawngo that reflects the revised address

  4. Complimentary Shipping

    Complimentary shipping is only available for assets we accept. If the asset is too large to ship, then shipping must be paid for and facilitated by the customer.

    All assets delivered to Pawngo must match the asset description(s) provided in your application. Assets that differ from the original description beyond a good faith expectation of accuracy must pay return shipping fees within 30 days or Pawngo retains the right to recycle applicable items.