Customer Reviews & Testimonials


“I would absolutely be willing to give any positive testimonial for Pawngo. I have been thrilled with your service and, for me, it has truly taken any stigma out of luxury lending. My pieces mean the world to me so it has been so important to work with a company I trust. To meet me is to know I’m someone whom you may not consider a typical client and all the more reason you should target!”
– Upstate New York – Name withheld at client’s request
“Thank you so much for reaching out to me. This is really my 3rd time using Pawngo and if I may give a testimonial, Pawngo is great. I love the ease of the processing and the customer service is on point…. I have no reservations or regrets about my experiences with Pawngo!!!!”
– D.R. in Virginia
“I discovered Pawngo while searching the internet. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed by going to the local the pawn shop and having to go every month to pay my money. Basically, Pawngo took care of all that. When I needed the money the most, they loaned it to me and I gave them my bracelet as collateral. The best part is its FedEx one-day shipping with insurance. So within hours, I got my money straight into my bank account. Everything about Pawngo is discreet. It’s not like a regular pawnshop. You send them your item and they give you money, and the best part is if you need an extra few dollars they would try to give you it because they care. No other pawnshop ever does that. The best thing I like about Pawngo is that they care about you they don’t treat you like other pawnshops do. Their Facility is big, safe and secured so I know my bracelet is safe. I hope this helps those who are looking not for a regular pawn shop but for a safe, reliable and very caring company. They will always work out a payment plan with you.They even extend due dates if you must, no other pawn shops do that. I will definitely recommend Pawngo to my family and friends, and I will be a returning customer. I hope this helps people who were in the same position like me go to Pawngo its worth it.”
– AW in Colorado
“Very fast service. Quick response to all my questions and concerns. I did not think the process would run so smoothly but from start to finish it was very efficient. I have recently been divorced and decided to go back to school and now have to pay for tuition. I saw Pawngo’s CEO on the news and thought what a great concept so I decided to give you guys a try!”
– J.B. from Salt Lake City, Utah
“I researched and found you via Google and the Internet. I have had a total of five experiences with Pawngo. Your assistance has been very private, personable and quick. I am a big fan of you and your organization. I would highly recommend it to anyone in my type of situation who had the need and was willing to let go of material items to maintain life and day to day needs. I have had experiences in the past with normal local pawn dealers that were not so positive and left feeling cheated. With Pawngo, I did not have that issue.”
– J.B. From Winston Salem, North Carolina
“I want to thank you and Pawngo for making this ring selling experience super easy. I know I was a pain, emailing you every 15 minutes but you made everything work just as Pawngo promised. I’ll definitely recommend you and use you again. The process is SO much easier than using a traditional pawn shop or trying to sell an item on Craigslist etc… Thanks again.”
– R.D. from Maryland
“Thank you so much for the follow up. You always go above and beyond. I cannot begin to tell you how much your professionalism, competence, and empathy have helped us during these past difficult months. But what you did for us for this transaction was truly a god send. We packed up the car and went to wait outside the bank so we could get cash for our trip. The transfer took place almost immediately after we talked on the phone and I clicked the agree button for the loan. We were able to leave a couple hours early for our trip which is important because neither of us drives well in the dark. I do not know what I would have done without you. You truly are the best customer oriented person I have ever had the privilege of working with. It has been a very hard couple of years since I lost my job and without caring folks like you, I do not think I would have survived thus far. I hope to meet you on the slopes someday! I hope your company appreciates the excellent work you are doing on Pawngo’s behalf. Thanks again for getting me out of a rather bad bind!”
– C.W. from Castine, Maine
“Fast service and friendly customer service. You are helping me out to pay my house insurance. I am a retired Veteran that collects SS and needed help paying off my house insurance and you (Pawngo) were the people willing to help.”
– D.F. from Dover, Delaware
“Pawngo has been an absolute pleasure to work with! During the winter months, work slows down a bit for my husband. This year, his cash flow has been a bit of a problem as receivables are taking longer and longer to get paid on. Where normally we would get paid in 30 to 60 days, the average has been more like 90 to 120 days. Not that unusual given the current economic state, just a bit difficult to get through. What makes Pawngo so unique and so awesome is knowing that we can get our things back, certainly something that makes short-term borrowing much more palatable. With the money we borrowed I was able to keep my business running strong during these few quiet months for my husband… truly a blessing! Our dedicated Pawngo representative made the whole process so simple. She was knowledgeable and just so helpful, it was incredible! I would highly recommend Pawngo, and as a matter of fact, have already done so several times already!”
– T.Z. from West Lisip, New York
“Outstanding service I received from your company. Pawngo was there for me!”
– B.W. from Hemet, California
“I decided to go with Pawngo due to the fact that their professional team knew the value of my items and didn’t try to downplay their value in order to somehow gain an advantage, and in fact, offered a larger loan amount than I had asked for, which helped my situation tremendously.”
– D.C. from Los Angeles, California
“This has been a wonderful experience! I live in a very small ski resort town. The people that travel through are all pretty high-end clientele but there really isn’t a place to sell items here. I was thinking of even opening up a high-end resale store or consignment at one time. Anyway, I found myself needing quick cash so I took my Louis Vuitton handbag and luggage collection to a pawn store here. And, since no one knew what they were, they would only loan me about $50 for all of it. So I jumped on the internet and came across Pawngo. I checked it out (I have my ways). I felt comfortable from the moment I started looking at the website and then a chat came on. My Pawngo Rep was so wonderful and supportive. Today, I placed my checking account info on the web and the loan quote came back, just as promised, which was a relief! I filled out the form and then I got an email back saying my account will have the cash in tomorrow!!”
– L.W. from Pinetop, Arizona
“Todd- I just wanted to let you know how helpful my Pawngo Rep was on my account. Please let her know. Her attitude and follow-up was great. You have a great thing going and it’s very professionally done. Lots of emails and follow ups as the transactions are moving along. It is a very organized process. I hope you will have a bigger presence here in Austin one day. As you know, we are one of the high tech capitals. Thank you again”
– A.C. from Austin, Texas
“Everything went through perfectly and as promised. My experience with Pawngo has been exceptional. When people need money fast, Pawngo is the way to go. You guys work to make an already seamless process go even smoother. The communication from the Pawngo staff and even the CEO is commendable. The fact that you stay in touch, realizing that your client may be just a little uncomfortable sending their precious items to someone they never met made our transaction move forward without concern. I will refer Pawngo time and again. The fact that you use transfers and not wires eliminates unnecessary fees to the clients and shows how meticulous Pawngo was in thinking through the entire process. Thank you all for your help and once we pay this one off, I can guarantee you that if we ever need help again, Pawngo will be our first choice. HAIL PAWNGO!!!!”
– R.B. from Goodyear, Arizona
I have received the money and it was all so simple. I am hoping these loans will get me where I need to be. I am grateful for chances like these. Now, I am hoping I will be able to pay the loans and get my things back, but that is a worry for another day. Thank you so much for your help.”
– J.A. from Chesaning, Michigan