Rates & Terms

At Pawngo, our repurchase contracts are transparent and we are upfront in regards to all costs associated with our transactions. The service fees for your item are determined by your contract amount.


  • $500 - $5,000,000+ Loans
  • No mandatory loan periods, terms are customized for each client
  • No mandatory repayment periods less than 60 days
  • Service fee rates vary and are determined by both asset category and loan amount; range from 4-10% monthly interest, no APR %
  • Client chooses whether to pay interest-only or interest and principal
  • No hidden fees
  • No transaction fees
  • No upfront charges or advance charges
  • No shipping charges, storage charges or insurance charges

Loan Example

A loan of $10,000 with a 4 month term. Total comparison rate, including a 3% per month interest rate is a maximum of $11,200. 30 day period between loan payments. Zero Annual Percentage Rate charge. No minimum repayment period. Maximum repayment period of 4 months. No additional charges or hidden fees apply.

Loan Default Policy

  • 30 day period between loan payments
  • 15-day grace period AFTER due date before loan is in late status
  • Pawngo spends the next 45 days in communication with client on getting payments current
  • Only after 90 days with no payments and no communication (phone or email) from client, would we default an item