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CBS Los Angeles – Helpful Pawning Tips from Pawngo | View Article

Thinking about pawning something precious for some extra cash? Don?t hawk that item without some tips from founder and CEO Todd Hills. Pawngo is the world?s first online pawn shop. At Pawngo, users can pawn or sell valuables and get the money they need from

Trend Hunter – America’s Pawn Empire Phenomenon | View Article’s Americas Pawn Empire infographic is a review of the latest statistics around the pawn shop business in the US, which has come into the spotlight in recent years with the success of reality television shows like Pawn Stars and American Pickers, and the

Hearpreneur – Todd Hills Turns an Industry on it’s Head | View Article

Entrepreneurs need a tough shell. It takes a special amount of grit and fortitude to start a company and deal with doubters. Todd Hills, the founder of Pawngo knows all about that. When he first started out and needed initial funding through a loan, he had hundreds of ban

Lendio – Get Funding Through Online Pawn Shops | View Article

Many small business owners need large scale business loans in order to keep their businesses afloat. One of the greatest impediments to any venture is accessing the capital to either get started or keep operations running. Getting a bank loan has become more difficult in

FOX 31 Denver – Online Pawn has Surprising Customers and Loans | View Article

It’s a new way to get quick cash without ever leaving the comforts of your home. Pawn shops have now spread to the internet. And they?re, unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen, with customers you?d never expect. “You need $3,000?” asks an employee of Pawngo, an onli.

NBC Rock Center – Taking Credit | View Article

When Aimee Mattera and her fiancé Lenny Maker’s multimillion-dollar cable installation business closed, the couple quickly found themselves short on cash and decided to take loans from a pawn shop. Instead of heading to your typical pawn shop, they headed online to Pawngo

FOX 17 Michigan – Online Pawn Does High-End Business | View Article

It’s a new way to get quick cash without ever leaving the comforts of your home. Pawn shops have now spread to the Internet and they’re unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen, with customers you?d never “You need $3,000?? asks an employee of Pawngo, an onli

Yahoo! News – World’s Second Oldest Profession Goes Online | View Article

Todd Hill took a 3,000-year-old offline business and brought it into the digital age. Hill, a 25-year veteran of the pawn industry, made the leap from running a 30-store brick-and-mortar operation in Colorado and Utah to the online world in 2009 when he founded

Elite Daily – Innovating & Success: Interview with Todd Hills, CEO of Pawngo | View Article

For this week?s Entrepreneur Profile, Elite Daily interviewed Todd Hills: founder and CEO of Pawngo, one of the hottest startups to watch in 2012. A successful business is one that disrupt and innovates an age-old practice. Todd Hills took this notion to heart as challeng

Good Housekeeping – Need Some Cash Fast? | View Article

The old practice of hocking personal belongings to get cash fast ? a.k.a. pawning ? is on the uptick, no doubt due to the hot reality show Pawn Stars, which documents the doings at a Las Vegas shop. But that series usually focuses on rare finds that are sold for a flat fe

Washington Times – Pawn Site Offers Break for Financially Strapped Olympians | View Article

Recognizing that not every returning American Olympic hero has the earning potential of a Michael Phelps or a Gabby Douglas, a popular online pawn service is offering to help Olympic athletes turn their gold medals into quick cash to pay for training expenses, transportat

Chicago Tribune – Online Pawning Clicks With Consumers | View Article

Joanne Forde-Bennet needed a couple of thousand dollars. She moved six months ago to the Rocky Mountains from the New York City metro area, because she had found a job after being unemployed for three years. But that meant being away from her three kids, who range i

Daily Mail – Pawn Shop Gets a Reboot With Pawngo | View Article

Say goodbye to the seedy pawn shops of the past, a new website is offering the same service, without the bars on the window. The latest phenomena in the internet start-up space is Pawngo, the first online pawn shop in the U.S. Launched in June 2011, the Denver-based com…

Clark Howard – Online Pawning Finds an Audience Among the Middle Class | View Article

Pawning has come to the middle-class thanks to the power of the Internet. The Chicago Tribune reports what was once generally confined to struggling blue-collar-workers is now finding a new audience online.

Entrepreneur Podcast Network – First Online Pawn Shop Servicing the Entire United States | View Article

Todd Hills, founder of Pawngo, first-of-its-kind online pawn shop servicing the entire United States joins Enterprise Radio. Mr. Hills truly has an “American Dream” story as his path to entrepreneurship was rife with obstacles acquiring bank loans despite not having a co

MSN Money – HISTORY® Launches New Website and Announces Partnership with Pawngo | View Article

HISTORY’s partnership with Pawngo, the industry leader of online pawning, will bring online pawning to Pawn Stars has blazed the frontier by bringing pawning to the mainstream. The buzz generated from the popular TV series has rapidly increased consumer dem

Yahoo! Finance – Pawn Shops Doing What Big Banks Won’t | View Article

“Small business owners have been saying for quite some time that big banks have been unwilling to lend to them. This survey proves it,” said Biz2Credit CEO Rohit Arora. “The big banks ($10B+ in assets) on this list frequently reject the funding requests of their own custo

Money Matters Radio – Pawn Shops are Filling a Lending Gap | View Article

Minyanville’s Justin Rohrlich discusses how pawn shops are filling a lending gap that banks have left open. Plus, host Gary Goldberg and Customer Growth Partners’ CEO Craig Johnson look deeply into the holiday shopping season.

US News & World Report – Pawning Keeps Bill Collectors at Bay | View Article

Instead of racking up debt on credit cards with astronomical interest rates, more business owners are opting to leverage assets for loans up to $1 million, putting up everything from expensive French wine collections to rare sports memorabilia as collateral. “The small

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Dewey Burke, CEO, Pawngo

“Are your assets safe? The first thing anyone should know is that safety is Pawngo’s top priority. We insure your assets from when you ship it to us, during storage here in our vault, and on its way back to you.”