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Are my assets safe? The first thing anyone should know is that safety is Pawngo’s top priority. We insure your assets from when you ship it to us, during storage here in our vault, and on its way back to you. Your assets are barcoded and stored within our secure vault, complete with 24-hour video surveillance and alarm. From the moment your assets reach our offices, their journey is recorded with HD cameras and saved. The vault is located on a top floor of a high-rise office complex in Denver, Colorado.

What assets do you accept? Good question! Jewelry, diamonds, designer handbags & accessories, luxury watches, precious metals, luxury vehicles, and real estate (in specific situations). Don’t see your asset on our list? Call us and tell us about it at 1-866-499-2363.

How do your interest rates compare with conventional loans? Our rates are, on average, 5-8% per month and that is the only fee. The larger the loan, the lower the rate. We don’t have separate fees for in-house storage*, insurance, shipping or ticket fees. We are completely transparent with all costs.  FYI – the industry average for asset-based loans can range from 10-25% per month, making Pawngo dramatically more affordable than the competition.

How does a Pawngo secured loan work?

Request an evaluation and get an initial quote for your asset. Tell us about your item by filling out our simple form. Make sure to upload clear photos of your asset, plus include photos of specific details that represent its value, such as markings, stamps, signatures of authenticity, and the like. The more information and photos you share with us, the more accurate our evaluation will be. Our team of experts will review your asset and email you an initial offer. The offer is not final and can change upon in-person evaluation in our lab.

Overnight your asset to our Denver offices. Don’t worry about overnighting us your asset; its safety is our top priority — 100 % insured by us, and shipping is free in almost every case. You’ll receive a link via email to create your FedEx label to send us your asset. (Pack your asset carefully and securely!)

Get your final loan offer and receive funds. Your funds are usually deposited and available to you in 24 hours or less. Once we receive your asset, we complete our evaluation of its condition and value. You will receive a final offer and electronic contract via DocuSign. If you have any issues whatsoever at this point, call us at 1.866.499.2363, we’re here to help you through the entire process. Read, complete, and sign the DocuSign contract. When we receive the signed document, you’ll receive your funds via wire or ACH.

Will there be a credit check? No. Unlike traditional bank loans, there are no credit checks or financial disclosures needed. We don’t ask for pay stubs or any financial information. You will need to have your bank account information ready so we can direct-deposit funds and deduct fees. There are no invasive requirements except proof of ownership of the asset(s).

Do I pay for shipping?  No. We also cover the cost of shipping for sending and returning your assets, and exceptions are only made for extremely large and/or heavy assets.

Will I get my assets back?  Of course! We have a terrific record with repayment too…nearly 99% of our clients pay the contract off and get their assets back.

What if I have trouble making my payments? If you have an issue during your loan repayment don’t fret, call us! We’ll work with you every step of the way.

Is Pawngo well known?  Well, we’re not “Beyoncé” famous, but Pawngo has been covered in media such as Forbes, CNBC, Entrepreneur and we’re even more proud that we carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How long have you been in business? Pawngo has been in business since 2011 with over 12,000 transactions closed to date.


*Art and vehicles do have an additional storage fee, in most cases.
**Extremely large/heavy assets do involve a shipping fee.
Dewey Burke, CEO, Pawngo

Our clients love us! 3 out of 4 use Pawngo multiple times.

99% pay off their loan and get their asset back!”