Corum: The Safest Bet

Quorum for Corum

Corum was founded by Rene Bennwart in 1955 with his uncle Gaston Ries. The pair were particularly fascinated with the word “quorum”, which means the minimum number of persons present and necessary to hold discussions and make valid decisions. Through this word, and some simplified spelling came the name CORUM.


Right from the time of its creation in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, CORUM displayed a determination to position itself at the forefront of the Swiss watch industry. In 1956 the first CORUM watches appeared on the market and the brand launched a veritable cascade of new ides with great success. It was even recognized by its peers as one of the most creative in the industry.

In January 2000, CORUM was purchased by its current owner, Severin Wunderman, and was soon under the guidance of his son Michael, CORUM was sold to China Haidian Group who also the owner of Eterna.

Current Trends

The Admiral’s Cup: The Admiral's Cup race was first held in 1957 and the CORUM Admiral's Cup watch was introduced just 3 years later in 1960. This first watch was square, water resistant and had a sailboat engraved in the back. It had little resemblance to the current CORUM Admiral's Cup watches with their twelve-sided case design and brightly colored nautical pennants decorating the bezels.

Romulus: Created in 1966, the CORUM Romulus was the first CORUM watch to display the hour numerals on the bezel. It sports a sapphire case back engraved with a laurel crown in honor of Romulus, the founder of ancient Rome. It's available in stainless steel, white or yellow gold and a dual time version in either yellow or white gold.

Golden Bridge: The CORUM Golden Bridge collection is unique in the watchmaking world. Its four sapphire sides offer an unrestricted view of the intricately detailed linear movement, which appears to be floating in mid-air, held only by the gold bridge that names this watch. The CORUM Golden Bridge is offered in 18k gold or platinum, and is also available with delicate diamond work.

Tourbillion and Classical: The CORUM Tourbillon and Classical collection, as the name suggests, is devoted to the most elegant and complicated watches. The current collection comprises the CORUM Classical Billionaire Tourbillon, a diamond and sapphire covered masterpiece of watchmaking, the CORUM Golden Tourbillon Panoramique with its tourbillon movement floating between sapphire bridges, and the skeleton dialed CORUM Classical Skylight Skeleton.

Coin Watch: One of the most recognizable CORUM watches, the coin watch, is still available almost fifty years after its debut. CORUM precisely installs a manual wind or quartz movement inside a $20 “Double Eagle” or a $10 “Liberty” coin to create these watches that will only get increasingly rare, as the supply for this historic coin diminishes. They are available with a diamond bezel, for a more distinguished look.

Artisan Timepieces: The CORUM Artisan watch line is defined by beautiful dials depicting wild animals, exotic locales, or even historic scenes, all of them limited edition masterpieces of some of the very few craftsmen left who are familiar with the immensely time consuming techniques used in these watches.

Bet On It

CORUM has been the maker of the World Series of Poker watches that accompanied World Series of Poker bracelet in 2007, and became the maker of the bracelets themselves in 2007.

Getting the Most Out of Your Corum Watch

A Corum watch is much like an automobile in that proper cleaning and maintenance will help to ensure a higher value down the road. Watches have a ton of moving parts, and if one of those parts is off by even a fraction of a degree, the entire mechanism will suffer. Make sure to take your Corum in for a “tune-up” every four years or so to make sure all the bits and pieces inside the case of the watch are moving as they should. Regular cleanings can also have a dramatic effect on a watch’s value. A clean, polished bracelet and a well-functioning clasp can mean a world of difference when our team of evaluators is determining the final value of your Corum watch. Make sure to hold on to your original box and paperwork as well. Not only does it add to the watch’s overall value, it helps our evaluator’s to establish the legitimacy of your Corum.

Pawning Your Corum Watch

With Pawngo, loaning against your Corum is as easy as filling out our simple application. Our team of evaluators are all GIA graduate gemologists and have decades of experience in the field. Once you fill out your application, our evaluators will send you an initial offer based on your description. Once you accept that offer, you’ll receive a prepaid FedEx shipping label. After your Corum is received at Pawngo’s secure facility, we will run a thorough evaluation and send you out your final offer. Once that offer is accepted, we fund your bank account directly! It’s as simple as that. All you need to do is click the button above to
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