Breitling: For Land, Air, Sea & Beyond

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Official Supplier to World Aviation

Breitling’s technical watches are world renowned, and they have been a leader in the development of the wrist chronograph for over a century. Breitling’s high performance watches have shared a rich history with all things aviation. They are the only major watch brand to feature chronometer-certified movements on each and every model it produces. With every development and innovation coming out of their own workshops, Breitling remains strong as one of the last family-owned, independent Swiss watch brands.

A Brand Takes Flight

Founded in Switzerland by Leon Breitling in 1884, Breitling has been changing the world of wristwear for over a century. With the raw movements acquired from Valjoux, they were modified in the Breitling Chronometrie Workshops before going through the process of being certified by the COSC. In 2009 however, Breitling developed their own movements in-house with the B01 and B04.

Expensive Hobbies

Breitling offers watches aimed at three categories: Diving, Aviation, and Luxury. These models are the SuperOcean, the Navitimer, and the Breitling for Bentley respectively. The first Breitling Emergency version of the Navitimer, released in 1995, contained a radio transmitter which will broadcast a distress beacon on the 121.5MHz frequency, serving as a backup for pilots in need. Even if you don’t have a pilot’s license, you can still buy the watch, so long as you sign the appropriate paperwork taking responsibility for activating the beacon ($100,000 fine from the FAA as well as any search-and-rescue costs associated with a false rescue). In 2013, Breitling announced the Emergency II, which upgrades the transmission to 406.04 MHz, a signal monitored by satellites.

More Than a Watch, a Symbol

Breitling sponsors aeronautical endeavors the world over, from balloon navigation to the coolest mode of transportation ever, the jetpack. Breitling has sponsored Bentley, the US Air Force, they have graced the wrists of James Bond, Buzz Aldrin, and Wayne Gretzky. Breitling has and will continue to serve as a wonderful utility as well as an elegant addition to anyone’s wrist.

Getting the Most Out of Your Breitling Watch

A Breitling watch is much like an automobile in that proper cleaning and maintenance will help to ensure a higher value down the road. Watches have a ton of moving parts, and if one of those parts is off by even a fraction of a degree, the entire mechanism will suffer. Make sure to take your Breitling in for a “tune-up” every four years or so to make sure all the bits and pieces inside the case of the watch are moving as they should. Regular cleanings can also have a dramatic effect on a watch’s value. A clean, polished bracelet and a well-functioning clasp can mean a world of difference when our team of evaluators is determining the final value of your Breitling watch. Make sure to hold on to your original box and paperwork as well. Not only does it add to the watch’s overall value, it helps our evaluator’s to establish the legitimacy of your Breitling.

Pawning Your Breitling Watch

With Pawngo, loaning against your Breitling is as easy as filling out our simple application. Our team of evaluators are all GIA graduate gemologists and have decades of experience in the field. Once you fill out your application, our evaluators will send you an initial offer based on your description. Once you accept that offer, you’ll receive a prepaid FedEx shipping label. After your Breitling is received at Pawngo’s secure facility, we will run a thorough evaluation and send you out your final offer. Once that offer is accepted, we fund your bank account directly! It’s as simple as that. All you need to do is click the button above to
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