Pear: Still a Desirable Shape

Pawngo Pear Diamonds

Renaissance Cut

A Flemish stone polisher named Lodewyk van Berquem is responsible for having created the pear cut, or teardrop diamond back in 1458. Obviously with more advanced methods of cutting, the pear cut diamond’s rarity has decreased over the years, however back in van Berquem’s day, the stone was highly sought after. Similar to the marquise cut, the stone was worn to accentuate the length of the wearer’s fingers.

Hybrid Cut

The pear cut diamond is a hybrid of sorts between the oval and marquise cuts, with one rounded side and one pointed side. As stated above, the wearer of the pear cut would typically wear the stone with the point of the cut facing the tip of the finger to accentuate length. The pear cut has no table, cutlet, or edge, but is instead covered with triangular facets. An ideal pear cut has 58 facets and the width:length ratio should be 1.5:1.

Popularity Throughout the Years

Although initially panned by the diamond community at its inception, the pear cut diamond has managed to grow into one of the most popular cuts. Elizabeth Taylor was known to wear a pear cut pendant weighing in at a hefty 69.42 carats. This seems massive I know, but her diamond doesn’t even come close to the largest. The honor of largest pear cut diamond goes to the flawless Millenium Star, weighing in at a staggering 203.04 carats, touting a color grade of D. The diamond can be viewed at the Natural History Museum.

Assuring Top Value for your Pear Cut Diamond

The most important thing you can do to make sure you get the most for your Pear Cut diamond is to know exactly what you have. Pawngo’s team of evaluators are all GIA certified gemologists. The Gemological Institute of America is world renowned for their accuracy in evaluating diamonds, so a stone certified by the GIA is sure to bring you top dollar. Knowing the four C’s (carat, cut, clarity, color) for your Pear Cut diamond will help in being sure you get the most accurate estimate possible and the funding you need when you need it.

Getting a Loan for Your Pear Cut Diamond

With Pawngo, loaning against your Pear Cut diamond is easier than ever. Our GIA certified evaluators have decades of experience in diamond evaluation as well as the stone market as a whole. Pawngo will make absolutely sure that you receive a fair market price for your stone when getting a loan. It’s as simple as filling out an application and agreeing to the initial estimate by our team of evaluators.. You can pawn your Pear Cut diamond and be sure that it is safe and sound for the entirety of your loan period in Pawngo’s secure vault. Biometric security, steel-reinforced walls and all the bulletproof glass you can shake a stick at makes sure that your Pear Cut diamond stays locked up and out of harm’s way. Click the button above to Get Started Now!

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