Loan Repayment

Pawngo's loan repayment process is specifically designed to meet your financial needs. You choose your repayment plan and the length of your loan term. If you happen to request a loan period and end up paying your loan off early, you will only be charged for the amount of time your loan was in pawn.

Your Loan Repayment Guide

Get a Direct Deposit Accept your offer and get directly funded within 24 hrs.
Choose Your Payment Day The day of the month in which your account is credited.
Start the Payment Process Loan payments start one month from the day you accept your offer.
Automate Interest Payments Your payment is automatically debited from your account each month.
Get Your Item Back Once your loan is paid off, we'll ship your item back to you, for free & fully insured.
your package will be sent back to the address we have on file with signature required

Pawngo promises to work with you on repayment plans.
85% of our customers reclaim their valuables.