Voigtländer: The Oldest Name in Cameras

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The First of Its Kind

Voigtländer is a renowned optical company, founded by Johann Christoph Voigtländer in Vienna. The company was established in 1756, making it the oldest name in cameras. In 1840 Voigtländer produced the Petzval photographic lens, which at the time was the dastest lens ever produced, as well as the world's first all-metal daguerrotype camera in 1841. Shortly after the company introduced plate cameras. They established an office in Braunschweig in 1849, later moving its base there. The company eventually issued stock in 1898, and a majority of the shares were acquired by a company called Schering in 1925.


Over the next thirty years, Voigtländer established themselves as a technology leader and the first manufacturer to introduce several new kinds of product that would later become common to consumers. Such innovations include the first zoom lens in 1960 and the first 35mm compact camera with built-in flash in 1965.

Into the Modern Age

Eventually, in 1956 Schering sold its share of the company to the Carl Zeiss Foundation. Zeiss and Voigtländer combined forces in 1965. In 1972 Zeiss/Voigtländer stopped producing cameras, and only a year later Zeiss sold Voigtländer brand to Rollei. On the collapse of Rollei in 1982, Plusfoto took over the name, ultimately selling it to Ringfoto in 1997. Since 1999, Voigtländer’s products have been manufactured and marketed by Cosina, an optical company based out of Nagano, Japan.

Getting the Most for Your Voigtländer Camera

Voigtländer cameras aren’t cheap, and all of the other gear is expensive as well, so you want to be sure you take the best possible care of it. For starters, make sure to give your Voigtländer gear a solid cleaning after each use. It’s easy to get home from a trip, pop out your memory card and get to photoshopping, but making sure your gear is free of dust and other contaminants is the surest way to ensure your Voigtländer retains its value for as long as possible. Remember, sensors may change and processors may improve, but great glass is great glass. You may find that your camera’s lenses are ultimately more valuable than the Voigtländer body itself. That’s why it’s so important to keep everything clean. Make sure you also hold on to any original accessories, such as chargers, boxes, paperwork, lens hoods, extra batteries, etc.

Pawning Your Voigtländer Camera

Again, the easiest way to make sure you get top dollar for your Voigtländer gear is to make sure that it clean and in good, working order. Make sure to send in everything, including all original accessories as well as your original box and paperwork. Our evaluators are well oriented with all manner of camera brand, and will make absolutely sure you get the highest value possible for your Voigtländer. Click the button above to
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