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Throughout its nearly century-long history, the Leica camera has immortalized Marilyn Monroe on film sets, those stressy but fun-filled family vacations to Knots Berry Farm, and Time magazine worthy world events as they unfold.

Is That a Camera in Your Pocket?

Oskar Barnack, a German optical engineer with a keen eye for detail, is responsible for the invention of the Leica camera. Barnack was never comfortable with the oversized plate cameras used for photojournalism, so he decided to invent a camera that was more portable without sacrificing quality. The mass manufacturing of Barnack’s Leica camera officially debuted in 1925. As the first small-format camera to achieve mainstream success, the first Ur-Leica set the standard for the portable cameras that shutterbugs the world over take would use for decades.

Launched in 1933, wartime photojournalists captured moments in time with the Leica 250 “Reporter” camera, which was capable of taking 250 exposures without any need to reload manually. With its innovative spring motor, the Reporter tagged along with military pilots during top-secret airborne reconnaissance missions.

Oh, Snap!

Later Leica products, such as the James Bond-esque Geovid 7x42 BD that had the first binocular with an integrated laser rangefinder, have made vast landscape surveying far easier during extreme weather adventures. On expeditions to Mount Kilimanjaro or through the Sahara Desert, the Leica camera remains the world traveler’s faithful sidekick, snapping pictures of snowy summits and sweet rattlesnakes with record time and detail.

Famous users of the Leica brand include fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. Leica’s innovative lenses bridge the gaps between realism and escapism.

Even to the untrained eye, Oskar Barnack’s revolutionary way to take pictures maintains a powerful influence, and continues to raise the bar for visual artists across the globe.

Getting the Most for Your Leica Camera

Leica cameras aren’t cheap, far from it, and all of the other gear is expensive as well, so you want to be sure you take the best possible care of it. For starters, make sure to give your Leica gear a solid cleaning after each use. It’s easy to get home from a trip, pop out your memory card and get to photoshopping, but making sure your gear is free of dust and other contaminants is the surest way to ensure your Leica retains its value for as long as possible. Remember, sensors may change and processors may improve, but great glass is great glass. You may find that your camera’s lenses are ultimately more valuable than the Leica body itself. That’s why it’s so important to keep everything clean. Make sure you also hold on to any original accessories, such as chargers, boxes, paperwork, lens hoods, extra batteries, etc.

Pawning Your Leica Camera

Again, the easiest way to make sure you get top dollar for your Leica gear is to make sure that it clean and in good, working order. Make sure to send in everything, including all original accessories as well as your original box and paperwork. Our evaluators are well oriented with all manner of camera brand, and will make absolutely sure you get the highest value possible for your Leica. Click the button above to
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