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The Hasselblad name has been linked with cameras almost since the early days of photography itself. First Hasselblad was merely selling and then producing the tools through which vision is captured. And the tradition of designing cameras with photographers in mind, for superior image quality, for reliability and versatility goes back more than half a century.

Explore the Past

In 1841, in the port city of Gothenburg in western Sweden, the Hasselblad family established its first trading company, F.W. Hasselblad & Co. The location, Gothenburg, with its proximity to the European continent and its historic trade connections with Britain, Holland, Denmark, Germany, and a host of other countries, was ideal for an international import-export firm. They also began importing supplies and products for the newly burgeoning field of photography. Arvid Viktor Hasselblad, son of the company’s founder and an avid amateur photographer helped establish a photographic division within the company, which would soon define the Hasselblad name.

One Small Step

The turning point for the company occurred in 1957. The 1000F was replaced by the 500C. The landmark 500C design formed the basis for Hasselblad's product line for the next forty years, with variants still being produced in small quantities in 2008. It was not until 1960, though, that Hasselblad's cameras became profitable.

In 1962, NASA began to use Hasselblad cameras on space flights, and to request design modifications. The first motor-driven camera, the 500EL, appeared in 1965 as a result of NASA requests. While Hasselblad had enjoyed a slowly but steadily growing reputation among professional photographers through the 1950s, the publicity created by NASA's use of Hasselblad products dramatically increased name recognition for the brand.

The Hasselblad space saga continued in 1969 with Apollo 11 and the first images of man on the moon and of earth from the moon captured by Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Jr., with a Hasselblad 500EL/70. There are perhaps no images in the history of photography more famous and more influential than those taken with Hasselblad’s in space.

Current Trends

The main Hasselblad system in production is the H System. The models are currently the H5D-40, H5D-50, H4D-40, H4D-40 Ferrari Edition, H4D-50, H4D-50MS, H4D-60, H4d-200MS and the HTS 1.5. Up until April of 2013 they also had the V System, the models in that system were the Planet V and the 503CW. For both of these systems the accessories and parts are all interchangeable.

Irony at its Finest

Hasselblad's corporate website quotes Arvid Viktor Hasselblad as saying “I certainly don’t think that we will earn much money on this, but at least it will allow us to take pictures for free.”

Getting the Most for Your Hasselblad Camera

Hasselblad cameras aren’t cheap, and all of the other gear is expensive as well, so you want to be sure you take the best possible care of it. For starters, make sure to give your Hasselblad gear a solid cleaning after each use. It’s easy to get home from a trip, pop out your memory card and get to photoshopping, but making sure your gear is free of dust and other contaminants is the surest way to ensure your Hasselblad retains its value for as long as possible. Remember, sensors may change and processors may improve, but great glass is great glass. You may find that your camera’s lenses are ultimately more valuable than the Hasselblad body itself. That’s why it’s so important to keep everything clean. Make sure you also hold on to any original accessories, such as chargers, boxes, paperwork, lens hoods, extra batteries, etc.

Pawning Your Hasselblad Camera

Again, the easiest way to make sure you get top dollar for your Hasselblad gear is to make sure that it clean and in good, working order. Make sure to send in everything, including all original accessories as well as your original box and paperwork. Our evaluators are well oriented with all manner of camera brand, and will make absolutely sure you get the highest value possible for your Hasselblad. Click the button above to
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