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#ubi article of the day:

Central Banks Should Consider Creating Money for Everyone

An opinion piece for the Financial Times, by Eric Lonergan.
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"I have received the money and it was all so simple. I am hoping these loans will get me where I need to be. I am grateful for chances like these...Thank you so much for your help.”
– J.A. from Chesaning, Michigan

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2013 article from @TIME about Pawngo offering quick financing for people needing quick cash. "Pawngo is making big strides. The company generated about $6 million in revenue in 2012, up from $1.3 million the year before." #startup #business

Link: //

Article speaking about Pawngo & the easiest, fastest way to get cash without selling your valuables. "Pawngo doesn’t require any financial disclosures, and they don't work with credit bureaus—which means their loans will never hurt your credit." #startup


“I want to thank you for making this ring selling experience super easy. I know I was a pain emailing you every 15 mins but you made everything work just as Pawngo promised. I’ll definitely recommend & use you again. The process is SO much easier.." –RD from Maryland

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