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Rock Incarnate

How do you describe a Gibson guitar to the uninitiated? To a jazz musician, Gibson represents the most delicate, responsive sounds ever coaxed from a guitar. To a bluegrass musician, Gibson represents mandolins and banjos with unmatched snap and attack. To a rock musician, there is no other guitar that delivers the singing sustain and raw power needed to fill a stadium.

The universe of guitar tone wrapped up in a single instrument… the finest craftsmanship… beautiful attention to detail… the finest woods… finesse… power… versatility… and, not surprisingly – the most valuable guitars on earth.

Backgrounds in Bluegrass

Orville Gibson started the company in 1898 with an innovative mandolin design. Soon thereafter, began to manufacture and sell his instruments out of his one-room Kalamazoo, Michigan workshop. He slowly expanded his offerings and added new instruments to the company’s roster. Along the way the company continued to grow with innovations in acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, and even drums!

Despite the company’s success, it has had to overcome many challenges along the way. For example, during World War II Gibson faced shortages of wood and metal for instruments, so it started making parts for the military instead! In the 1970s Gibson suffered under corporate mismanagement and poor product quality. The company was sold and moved to Nashville, TN to fix these problems. More recently, Gibson suffered catastrophic loss in the Nashville flood of 2010 but bounced back stronger than ever with a newly modernized plant. In 2012, the United States’ Departments of Homeland Security and Fish & Wildlife targeted Gibson for allegedly violating laws regarding importing woods from other countries. The company successfully fought those charges and continues to make guitars for players and collectors worldwide!

Delta Blues to Hair Metal: Something for Everyone

The Gibson Les Paul model is clearly the most important and popular guitar ever made. The guitar comes in many different variations including the Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Deluxe and Les Paul Studio. Each variation incorporates different combinations of materials, finishes and electronics to create a unique instrument to meet players’ needs, while remaining true to the original Les Paul. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, Jeff Beck, and U2’s The Edge use Gibson Les Paul guitars.

The ES line of guitars, noted by their hollow bodies with cutout F-holes, comes in many varieties including the ES-335, ES-175 and ES-125 to name just a few. It’s not all shredding, these hollow body guitars are finely made and can be quite valuable. By the way did you know that Chuck Berry, B.B. King and Eric Clapton all use hollow body Gibsons?

The Gibson SG is characterized by its sharp double cutaways on the body, giving the player easy access to the higher notes on the guitar. Can you say “screaming guitar solo?” I knew you could! These guitars, despite being solid mahogany, are very light. Angus Young from AC/DC and Pete Townsend from The Who use Gibson SGs.

There are many different models of Gibson guitars, and many volumes have been written about them. Do your own research to see what you have and what it may be worth.

Maximizing Value for Your Gibson Guitar

A great guitar is a piece of art, and like a piece of art, you want to be sure you take care of it. If you’re a collector, you know that resell value is a huge factor in purchasing a Gibson. If playing is your passion, sound, durability, and playability are going to be more important than resale value, sure, but there are many things you can do as a guitar owner that will do wonders for both. First, make sure your Gibson is stored in a case and kept in a clean, dry environment. Keeping a guitar guitar in a moist area, such as a garage or basement, is sure to cause warping in the neck and body. A badly warped neck will render a guitar unplayable and ultimately worthless. Try to hold on to any original paperwork along with your original case. This will help our expert evaluators be sure that you get top dollar for your Gibson.

Pawning Your Gibson Guitar

Life happens, and when it does you may find yourself in a tough spot financially. At Pawngo we want to help you get the funds you need when you need them. Gibsons can be a valuable commodity, and a great solution for your short term financial goals. After you fill out one of our simple applications, Pawngo will have your Gibson shipped, fully insured to our secure facility where our expert evaluators will assess the complete value of your guitar. Once the value is established, your dedicated account representative will send out your final offer. Once you click to accept we can have you fully funded that same day. Click the button above to Get Started Now!