A Lesson In Craftsmanship

The roots of TAG Heuer can be traced back to Edouard Heuer who founded the company in 1860 under the name Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG (English: Heuer Watchmaking inc.) in St-Imier, Switzerland. Through the late 1800’s Edouard Heuer patented many pieces of his watch making including the ‘oscillating pinion’, a movement still used by major watchmakers of mechanical chronographs. In 1985 the Heuer brand was purchased by the TAG Group and the brand became known as TAG Heuer.

TAG Watches in the Past

In 1882 Edouard Heuer patented his first chronograph watch and the innovations just continued from there. In 1911 Heuer received a patent for the “Time of Trip”, the first dashboard chronograph. This item was designed for use in automobiles and air crafts to clock the duration of the trip which was easily operated with a button mounted in the crown the controlled the start, stop and reset functions.

In the mid-1960’s, Heuer was part of a partnership with Breitling and Hamilton that sought to bring the first automatic chronograph to the world and in 1969 they did just that. Heuer’s first automatic chronographs were the Autavia, Carrera, and Monaco. In the early 1970’s they expanded their line of automatic chronographs to include the Daytona, Montreal, Silverstone, Calculator, Monza and Jarama models.


Today, Tag Heuer is the 4th largest luxury watch brand and they are always pushing the boundaries of watchmaking technology. In 2013, TAG Heuer celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Carrera, the racing-inspired Chronograph that forms a key part of the TAG Heuer range today. There have been 10 generations of Carrera since its introduction, and models launched in every decade since 1963. The current models in production today are the Carrera, Grand Carrera, Monaco, Link, Aquaracer, Formula 1 and Professional Sports Watch.

TAG You’re it

TAG Heuer has played a large role in sponsoring athletes, teams, movies and hiring high profile brand ambassadors through its time. Currently, TAG has top ambassadors like Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Maria Sharapova and Shah Rukh Khan. TAG is also an icon when it comes to corporate sponsorships; currently, TAG is a sponsor of the ORACLE TEAM USA who recently won the America’s World Cup Series and Audi Sport who recently took their third victory at Le Mans, one of the most prestigious races of the world.

Getting the Most Out of Your TAG Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer manufactures watches that look beautiful even when you are pursuing an intense hike or having a wild day at the beach. But one day, when you are done climbing mountains or have put your deep sea diving days behind you, you may decide it is time to part with your beloved Tag Heuer watch.

When the day comes that you want to pawn your luxury Tax Heuer watches, it is important to take care of the little nicks, scratches, dents, and dings the watch might have experienced throughout your journeys together. Because this is a sportsman’s watch, it is rare to find a Tag Heuer in pristine condition, but those that are well-cared for can fetch a premium price. Of course, there are other factors that can enhance the value when pawning a watch with our luxury online pawn shop. For example, it can be more valuable if it was worn during an amazing journey that highlights its durability – such as climbing a famous mountain, traveling the speed of sound or making a suborbital journey while adorned on your wrist.

How to Pawn a TAG Heuer Watch

TAG Heuer watches are among the best items to pawn because of their unparalleled reputation for reliability and durability in even the most extreme operating conditions. This makes them fast sellers when they are offered to adventurers and travelers visiting a luxury pawn shop.

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