A Century of Luxury & Innovation

History of an Icon

With its famed history of precision and innovation, the Rolex name remains a leader in the watchmaking industry. Visionary watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf is responsible for creating and building the world of Rolexes. In 1914, Rolex was the first ever watchmaker to be awarded a Class A Precision Certificate, an honor formerly reserved for marine chronometers. Rolex became the gold standard of luxury watches with its 1931 invention of the world’s first self-winding watch mechanism. Today, all timepieces are built with this mechanism. Despite being associated with celebrity red carpet appearances, Rolex was originally famous for designing watch models that could withstand extreme climates and deep-sea depths. When choosing a watch sidekick for their adventures, mountaineers, world travelers, and deep-sea divers find a durable friend in Rolex as they traverse unchartered territory.

Unmatched Quality

All Rolexes contain a self-winding Oyster movement, which guarantees high performance, long-term durability, and top-notch precision. The Rolex ceramic bezel is also incredibly resistant to corrosion and is virtually scratch-proof. If your Rolex watch model contains a steel case, it is manufactured from 904L steel, a super alloy that is highly polishable and equipped to withstand significant wear and tear.

A Safer Investment than the Stock Market

In 2007, Rolex was awarded a spot on BusinessWeek’s Top 100 List of Global Brands. Despite producing over 800,000 luxury watches annually, Rolex remains one of the most counterfeited luxury products in the world. Worldwide appreciation and precision craftsmanship have helped to foster a market for Rolex that rarely dips in value. The power of the Rolex brand and the high standard of which every watch is made has led to an incredibly strong resale market.

Your Wrist, Your Choice

When you seal a deal with a handshake, make sure the watch on your wrist matches your personality. Fortunately, Rolex offers a wide variety of choices. A few of the most popular models include the Submariner, Daytona, Datejust, and Day-Date, but every model is welcome.

Getting the Most Out of Your Rolex Watch

A Rolex watch is like a fine automobile. Proper cleaning, regular maintenance, and some TLC will help to ensure it retains its value down the road. The multitude of moving parts within Rolex watches are crafted to exacting specifications, and if these parts fall out of position by even a fraction of a degree, the reliability of the entire mechanism will suffer. As such, it is advisable to take your Rolex in for a “tune-up” every few years to make sure the components are functioning properly.

We also recommend conducting regular cleanings, as these will help the watch maintain its functional and aesthetic value. A clean, polished bracelet, bezel, and face, coupled with a well-functioning clasp, can mean a world of difference when our evaluators assess the value of your luxury watch. We also advise our clients to hold on to the original box, receipts, warranty documentation and any insurance paperwork as well. Not only does this add to the watch’s overall value, it helps our evaluators establish the legitimacy and provenance of your Rolex.

How to Pawn a Rolex Watch Online With Us

With Pawngo, pawning a Rolex watch is as easy as completing our straightforward application. Our evaluators are GIA-certified gemologists and watch experts who have decades of experience in the field. Once you complete your application, our evaluators will send you an initial offer based on your description of the watch, which is subject to our final evaluation. When you accept the evaluators’ offer, you will receive a prepaid FedEx shipping label.

Once your Rolex is received at our secure facility, we will conduct a thorough examination and send you our final offer. When that offer is accepted, we will deposit the funds directly into your bank account within hours. It is as simple as that.