Introducing Hublot Watches

In 1980, a man by the name of Carlo Crocco had a vision for the future of Swiss watchmaking. While plenty of other brands had nailed down the luxury watch market with delicate timepieces featuring rare metals and diamonds, Crocco wanted to produce a luxury, handcrafted watch that was also functional.

He pioneered the way by combining high-end metals and gemstones with a rubber strap, moving away from leather and gold links. This was a welcome change for luxury watch owners who wanted something that would stand up to the demands of everyday life.

Staying in the Luxury Game

Despite the move to rubber wrist straps, Hublot is well known for its insistence on using top-of-the-line construction materials and processes. Hublot watches retain their value because the products are built using the same quality specifications that other big names have relied on for years.

Hublot frequently pairs 18-karat gold with stainless steel and sets the bevel with diamonds and other stones. It has also gotten into the business of using state-of-the-art ceramics to create a 100 percent unique look for its watches. Hublot watch prices have continued to impress for the last few decades as it launches new luxury lines.

The Modern Hublot

In 2004, Hublot got a new CEO, and the company has been moving forward with innovative designs. Modern Hublot watches have taken on a whole host of new materials, including ceramics, carbon fiber patterns and more.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Hublot watch is how they have turned all of the attachment hardware into an accent, using tiny screw heads on the face of the watch as a contrast to the shiny gold bezel.

Hublot has found creative new ways of giving its rubberized bands an ultra-futuristic look. Hublot also has partnered with a variety of artists, designers, and luxury car manufacturers to produce limited-edition watches.

Choosing the Hublot For You

Whether you want a bright, spunky looking watch that grabs attention at every turn, or a dark, mysterious piece that peeks from beneath your suit jacket, Hublot has it all. You can choose from a huge selection of color combinations, materials, and patterns that fit your style and personality.

How to Get a Great Pawn Loan for Your Hublot Watch

Once you’ve invested in a Hublot watch, the only way to maintain its value is to take great care of it. This means having it serviced at an approved Hublot dealer at regular intervals. The dealer will clean all of the parts, inspect for damage and tighten any parts that have worn down over the years. They will also polish the metals and ensure that any fine scratches are cleaned up.

A well-cared-for watch can easily be used to secure a loan, but a damaged watch will not provide the same level of security. If you are familiar with how to pawn watches, you know the condition of your watch has a big impact on the amount of loan you are offered.

Where Can I Pawn My Watch?

Pawngo is an online luxury exchange that specializes in the pawning of high-end items like Hublot watches. We are one of the few pawnshops that take watches at a fair value from you, the owner.

Our pawning process is as simple as filling out an application. We will respond within a couple days with an offer and information about what to do next.

Once you ship your watch to us, our inspectors will give it a secondary evaluation before finalizing the offer. You can rest assured that your watch is insured and safe throughout the shipment and pawning process. After we have final approval, you will receive our money within 24 hours. If you have any questions about our process or how to pawn a Hublot watch, please don’t hesitate to contact us.