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Birth of a Legend

Louis-Ulysse Chopard was a Swiss watchmaker and founder of Chopard watches. He was the son of Félicien Chopard, who was a farmer who encouraged all of his children to learn the trade of watchmaking. When he was very young, Louis-Ulysse learned quickly that it was the watch dealers who were turning the highest profits. Every spring, he would watch the dealers pick up the movements, fit the pieces together, case up and market the watches. It was with this in mind that Louis-Ulysse created his own brand in 1860 when he was only 24 years old. That brand was L.U.C. Manufacturing in Sonvilier, Switzerland.

Attention to Detail

Chopard never mass-produced his watches, but a combination of form and function soon won over an ever-growing number of customers. Chopard recognized the importance of the international market as the future of his brand, so he set off on a journey to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Russia to expand his base. In 1912 he gathered his finest pieces and made his way to Poland, The Netherlands, and Hungary. On this trip one of his pieces was purchased by Nicolas II, cementing Chopard’s reputation internationally.

Beyond the Movement

These days Chopard is involved in many areas outside of watch manufacture. In July, José Carreras et Karl Scheufele joined forces to fight leukemia by creating a limited edition which would run for successive years, and whose profits would go to the José Carreras Foundation for the fight against leukemia. In 1998 Chopard became the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival. Chopard has also enjoyed a long relationship with the Monaco Grand Prix. Between their production hubs in Geneva, Pforzheim, and Fleurier, Chopard employs over 700 people worldwide and continues to be a creative force in the world of watchmaking.

Getting the Most Out of Your Chopard Watch

The allure of Chopard luxury watches is immeasurable. Exclusivity is the watchword of the company, and many models are made in limited-edition runs of fewer than 100 watches. The more exclusive the watch, the more likely it is to increase in value as time goes by. The exclusivity of these watches means that they are often worn by some of the world’s most recognized faces, which further enhances their appeal and the desire of “average Joes” to get their hands on one of these highly prized luxury watches.

The crystal of these magnificent timepieces provides the perfect cover for the intricate and delicate components diligently doing their duty day in and day out. Because they are so rare, they are among the rarest of pawn watches on the planet, which can increase their value when you go to seek a pawn loan.

How to Pawn a Chopard Watch

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