Internationally Renowned

A Leader From the Beginning

Being one of the oldest jewelers in the world, Cartier enjoys a rich and vibrant history. The brand has adorned royalty and film stars alike. With Cartier’s dedication to precision craftsmanship and quality, it isn’t hard to see why. Nowhere is Cartier’s diversity more apparent than in their wristwatches. The Tank, Pasha Cartier and the Calibre are some of the most recognizable watch designs in the world, not to mention the litany of bejeweled options for women.

Historic Roots

Louis-François Cartier founded Cartier in Paris in 1847 when he took over the workshop of his master. In 1874, Louis-François’ son Alfred Cartier took over the company, but it was Alfred’s sons Louis, Pierre and Jacques, who were responsible for establishing the brand name worldwide. The company remained family owned until 1972 when a group of investors purchased Cartier Paris and through the next 5 years purchased Cartier London and Cartier New York. Cartier is well known for its gorgeous jewelry and wristwatches. Historical pieces like the “Bestiary” (best illustrated by the Panthère brooch of the 1940s created for Wallis Simpson), the diamond necklace created for Bhupinder Singh the Maharaja of Patiala and the first practical wristwatch, the Santos, in 1904.

Troubled Waters & Smooth Sailing

When Cartier died in 1942 his successors found themselves unable to continue without his signature artistic vision. Stagnancy started to permeate the company both artistically and financially. The future of the company was in peril, until 1972 when an investment group took over, installing Alain Perrin as CEO. Perrin was a breath of fresh air for the teetering company, reestablishing Cartier as an innovator and leader in fashion. Cartier watches are held to an unbelievably high standard. Handcrafted to reflect this standard, Cartier watches ar meticulously assembled and epitomize quality.

Getting the Most Out of Your Cartier Watch

Cartier luxury watches are stunning adornments whose sparkle and shine stands up to the snobbiest scrutiny. It is far more than a status symbol; it is a symbol of excellence and quality recognized the world over. However, not all Cartier’s age gracefully and hold their value through the passage of time. Indeed, the value of the watches is often subject to the tastes and whims of consumer sentiment. As such, some luxury watch styles are simply more desirable, and thereby more valuable, than others. For example, the Tank Francaise Men’s and Ladies’ styles can always be expected to command a premium price.

Another significant factor in determining the value of a Cartier luxury watch offered within a luxury pawn shop is the condition of the stones within the piece. Missing stones, stones that have been improperly cleaned, and stones that have come loose can all diminish the piece’s final value. As such, these imperfections should be corrected prior to the watch being delivered to an online pawn shop.

How to Pawn a Cartier Watch

While the greatest form of flattery may be imitation, imitation is nothing more than a deception when it comes to luxury watches. Regrettably, the marketplace is filled with fake Cartiers. Some of these imitations are rather impressive, which is why having the original box, receipt, and insurance information will help verify your watch’s provenance and value. When you are pawning a watch, we recommend sending these items along with your watch to our secure processing facility. We will review your documentation at the same time that our GIA-certified gemologists evaluate your watch for inclusion. If you are ready to get the process started, complete our online application today or contact us with any questions you may have.