Oscar Heyman & Bros

A Fine Tradition

Designing For Legends

Oscar Heyman & Bros are known above all else for their impeccable jewelry design, master craftsmanship and precision work with diamonds and gemstones. They manufacture jewelry for such iconic companies as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Shreve, Crump & Low and Marcus & Co. You’ll only find the work of Oscar Heyman & Bros. and the very best of jewelry dealers.

Creating the American Dream

Nathan and Oscar Heyman emigrated from Ukraine to the United States in 1906, but not before being trained in the famously rigorous workshops of Fabergé. Third generation owner Thomas Heyman suggests that the brothers started their long, illustrious careers sweeping out the shop and sleeping on cots in the storage room. After being drafted by the Red Army, the brothers fled to America as part of a massive wave of artisans looking for a better way of life in the west. At the time, platinum was a new metal in the west, and the brothers’ skill with it rocketed them from skilled laborers to prominent jewelers. This proficiency led them to create pieces for Tiffany & Co., Cartier, and Marcus & Co.

Unmatched Savvy

The brothers were able to patent seven items related to “linked bracelet components’ as well as several others for their innovative processes for dye-striking. Processes created by the Heyman brothers considered cutting edge a century ago are still used today, a testament to the genius of the duo. Purchasing precious colored stones directly from Sri Lanka, the brothers were able to tinker and toil until they had created perfection.

All In the Family

Oscar Heyman & Bros. has been family owned and operated for three generations, each generation imparting their wisdom and savvy to the next. Even today, members of the Heyman family work hand-in-hand with skilled laborers to create some of the finest jewelry available in today’s market.

How to Pawn Oscar Heyman & Bros. Jewelry

The Oscar Heyman and Bros. brand is known for its impeccable design, master craftsmanship and precision work with diamonds and gemstones. The work is so masterful that each piece is extremely valuable, making it the perfect item to use as collateral for a pawn loan.

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