Forged in Flame

Schoolyard Roots

Growing up on Long Island, NY, David Yurman began his career in design selling small sculptures in his school’s cafeteria. In his teen years he met a Cuban welder and sculptor named Ernesto Gonzales while on vacation in Massachusetts visiting his sister. It was then that Yurman fell in love with sculpture, an art form he honed over the next two decades apprenticing under two sculptors named Theodore Roszak and Jacques Lipchitz. Yurman dropped out of college after a year and hitchhiked his way to California, where he eventually landed in Big Sur, surrounded by beatniks and artists. Yurman returned to New York in the late 60s, where he began working with Hans Van de Bovenkamp in Greenwich Village.

Word of Mouth

It was while working with Van de Bovenkamp that Yurman met a woman named Sybil Kleinrock, a gifted artist herself who had also recently returned from a sojourn to the hippie colonies in California. Yurman and Kleinrock struck up a very close relationship, and David crafted her a lovely piece of jewelry. Kleinrock was asked if the piece was for sale by a gallery owner in New York. This lit a fire with Sybil, who saw an amazing opportunity. The couple moved to the country and established Putnam Art Works. Over a decade the two showcased their work side by side, eventually marrying in 1979. Their venture with Putnam taught the couple about the market for jewelry and art, and would ultimately lay the groundwork for what would become the iconic company.

Cause of a Sensation

In 1982, Yurman releases what would become his signature, the cable bracelet. It is a twisted helix of sterling silver with gemstones at the ends to accent the filial ends. The bracelet took off. Since its release, Yurman has produced high-end watches and jewelry for both men and women, signature collections of fragrances and eyewear, and a brand known throughout the world.

How to Pawn David Yurman Jewelry

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