Boldly Beautiful

A New Type of Animal

Breaking away from the pack, David Webb jewelry goes beyond the traditional diamond in a platinum setting reaching new lengths with the elaborate animal and print designs so many have worn and long for. With every piece of jewelry being made in house, every design being intricately created, and every piece being thoroughly examined, David Webb jewelry remains bold, distinctive, and elegant staying always true to its original designs, something many modern jewelers cannot say.

A Change of Style

In the 1940’s, David Webb moved to New York City at the early age of 16 opening his first shop a few years later on 57th Street. His unique designs quickly took off with celebrities and socialites going to him for custom designs that set them apart from the rest. His designs of flowers and animals took shape in all sizes and varieties making many designs look like they were going to come to life. From his infamous animal cuff bracelets to his show stopping bold necklaces, his pieces made lasting impressions on everyone whom saw them.

David Webb stayed true to his original design concepts while able to alter to fit into the every changing trend. In the early 70’s he saw the opportunity to create a new style, utilizing gold, playing around with different colors, and textures to create pieces that embodied the ever changing times. With jewelry so elegant, yet unique, he was able to stand out from the mainstream and give a feeling of luxury that other jewelers fell short of.

The Legend Continues

Following the death of David Webb in 1975, the company continued to prosper and expand under the direction of Nina Silberstein and her family for the next 35 years. Manufacturing of all jewelry remained under the roof of their flagship store in Manhattan insuring the highest quality and detail remained in every piece created. During this time, the brand saw expansions into Beverley Hills, Kuwait and Houston.

The company was recently sold to three jewelers determined to carry through with the craftsmanship and design that have been ever present in the brands history. With current trending celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez opting to wear David Webb jewelry, it is clear that the unique and bold statement pieces are not that of the past, and will instead be very present in our future.

How to Pawn David Webb Jewelry

Because David Webb jewelry is highly admired and extremely valuable, our online pawnshop will happily give you cash for it. To ensure you get the best deal possible, take some time to clean the jewelry before you pawn it. If there are any clasps or hinges that don’t function properly, consider getting them repaired.

Another seemingly minor factor that can improve the value of your jewelry is the original box and any accompanying paperwork. These items help online pawnshops determine the legitimacy and value of your David Webb jewelry, which means a better loan for you.

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