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Sotirios Voulgaris came from an ancient line of Greek silversmiths. In the late 19th century he moved to Rome and, with his sons Giorgio and Constantino, opened his first shop in the neighborhood Via SIstina. By 1905 Sotirio was ready to open up his second shop in the neighborhood of Via Condotti, which to this day remains as Bulgari’s flagship store. Although the company initially made a name for itself as a jeweler, Bulgari has since become name synonymous with luxury, be it watches, perfumes, accessories, even hotels.

Origin Story

Sortirios Voulgaris started his career as a jeweler and silversmith in his home village of Paramythia, Greece, where his very first store still exists. He found himself in Rome in 1881 where he opened his second store with his sons, Constantino and Giorgio. Their precision craftsmanship and business savvy made Bulgari a very quick success. During WWII, Constantino Bulgari and his wife, disgusted with the fascists having taken over their home, hid three Jewish women in their home. In 2003 their efforts were recognized and they were awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Upon Giorgio’s death in 1966 his son Gianni and nice Marina took over as co-CEOs of Bulgari. Gianni was the man to take the country to the international market by opening stores in New York, Geneva and Monte Carlo. In the late 1970s Gianni led a complete company overhaul of Bulgari, shifting focus to product development. Gianni sold his share of the company and resigned in 1985, leaving his brothers Nicola and Paolo in charge. In March of 2011 LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA acquired Bulgari for $6 billion.

Jewelry to Hotels?

In early 2001 Bulgari, along with the Luxury Division of Marriott International, launched Bulgari Hotels & Resorts. The first hotel was opened in Milan in 2004, followed up by a resort in Bali in 2006 and eventually a hotel in London in 2012. Hotels are also planned in China. In 2011 Bulgari’s hotel in Bali was chosen as the number two place to stay in Asia by Smart Travel Asia. Bulgari has proven throughout the years an unparalleled commitment to quality products and diversification. This commitment has established Bulgari as the very definition of luxury and quality throughout the world.

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