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Royal Consideration

Asprey International Limited is a designer & manufacturer of, among many other luxury products jewelry and watches. They are a London based company founded in 1781 under the name Asprey & Co. Asprey has supplied everything from scepters to crowns for royalty the world over. They are so trusted that as of this year, Asprey holds a royal appointment from the Prince of Wales.

History of an Icon

Originally founded in 1781, Aprey was a silk printing business founded by William Asprey. Soon the company blossomed into a luxury emporium. In 1847 the shop relocated to 167 New Bond St in London, where the company remains to this day. Asprey’s reputation throughout the mid-19th century grew as an expert in the manufacture of dressing cases used primarily in train travel. In 1859 Asprey acquired Edwards, which was also an award-winning dressing case designer. The company also held a royal warrant, which transferred to Asprey through the acquisition. Asprey also purchased the Alfred Club, the building attached to the rear of Asprey, meaning that the company now had entrances on two of the most fashionable streets in London.

Through the years, Asprey acquired new facilities for manufacturing as well as new silversmiths, goldsmiths, watchmakers and jewelers. One such smith was Ernest Betjeman, a highly regarded designer and craftsman.

Into the Modern Era

Asprey is known for producing jewelry that has been inspired by the various flowers and foliage found in English gardens. Over the years, these flower-inspired pieces have included Crown Daisy, Rose, Calla Lily and Lily Pad collections. Asprey caught the attention of famed diamond cutter Gabi Tolkowsky, who created the Asprey Cut Diamond. By altering a cushion cut, Tolkowsky was able to incorporate the Asprey “A” around the edges of the stone. The resulting cut was the 61-facet Asprey Cut. Along with several other traits specific to this stone, the Asprey cut also contains a flower in the middle. The incredible attention to detail of the Asprey stone means it can only be cut by hand, very unique in an age where more and more reliance is placed on machines to do the work of masters.

How to Pawn Asprey Jewelry

If you would like to use your Asprey jewelry or watches as collateral to get a loan, our team at Pawngo is happy to help. To get the maximum value from your Asprey Jewelry, we recommend taking a few simple steps. First, carefully and properly clean your jewelry. Take special care around stones, especially the mounts. Also clean any surfaces that may have karat markings or maker’s marks, as clear markings can increase value.

If you have extra links for a chain or watchband, be sure to send us those items as well. Finally, if you still have the original box and paperwork, these assets can help us to authenticate your item and should be included in your offer.

Our staff at Pawngo has years of experience in the pawnshop industry, so if you have any questions about how to pawn jewelry, our knowledgeable team is happy to assist you. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you get the money you need.

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