Diamond Jewelry Online Pawn Loan

For decades, people have been purchasing loose diamonds in a variety of sizes and cuts to use as an investment. Today, loose diamonds remain one of the most valuable assets you can buy and pawn.

Because we understand the value of loose diamonds, our team at Pawngo invites you to use yours to obtain a loan through our simple lending program. No matter what kind of loose diamonds you have, our in-house GIA certified gemologists will evaluate your stones and give you a fair offer based on the true characteristics of the diamonds you send in.

Not sure how to pawn loose diamonds? At Pawngo powered by Pawngo, our process is simple and we insure and protect all of our customer’s belongings. After you fill out our online application, we will send you a preliminary offer and instructions for shipping your diamonds. Once they are received, our team will evaluate them and finalize the offer.

If you accept our final offer, we will immediately fund your account and place your diamonds into a secure facility where they will be waiting for you upon full repayment. Once you pay off your pawn loan, we’ll ship them back to you using the same secure, insured shipping process.

Here are some common diamond types:

  • Round
    Round-cut diamonds have been a favorite since 1899. The many facets allow light to enter the diamond from a variety of angles and provide a stunning array of refractions.
  • Radiant
    Shaped like a rectangle with rounded corners, the radiant cut often looks larger than life, but brings in the light-reflecting qualities of a round cut in the corners, making it sparkle.
  • Marquise
    Marquise-cut diamonds stand out from the crowd with their pointed ends and long, ovular shape. These diamonds use specialized cutting techniques to arrive at their sharp, oblong shape.
  • Cushion
    Cushion-cut diamonds are unique for the top surface that defines the body of the diamond. They typically feature a large, flat area on top, with more than 30 facets cut around the corners to give it a rounded square look.
  • Emerald
    A precisely cut emerald diamond is usually rectangular with short angled corners as opposed to the rounded corners of a radiant diamond. The emerald cut involves far fewer facets than other popular cuts, which makes the diamond more transparent. High-quality emerald-cut diamonds are valuable assets.
  • Heart
    This over-the-top cut gets straight to the heart of diamonds’ long history. As the gem of love, heart-shaped diamonds use many complex cuts to create a one-of-a-kind appearance. Creating a heart-shaped diamond takes great skill and care.
  • Asscher
    An exaggerated square cut, the asscher cut diamond features long, stepped facets along with a raised crown. The perfect asscher gives off a clean, clear light without losing light to the sides.
  • Oval
    The oval cut is a simple, beautiful cut that uses softly rounded edges and ends to produce a twinkling reflection. Different sizes of ovals can change the appearance of the diamond from very soft or very sharp.
  • Princess
    Princess-cut diamonds surged to popularity in the 1960s and have continued to be featured in jewelry advertisements ever since. The iconic pointed corners and square face stand out from every other cut on the market.
  • Pear
    Also known as the teardrop, the pear-shaped cut takes the best of round cuts and pointed cuts by bringing in light through the rounded edge while providing a sharp point at the other end that attracts the eye.

How much are loose diamonds worth?

There are four main factors that affect the value of your diamond: the cut, clarity, carats and color. Different cuts of diamond are more complex than others, and are better at concealing minor imperfections in the clarity and color. Your diamond will also be assessed for symmetry and how well it reacts under light.

We will make an offer for your loose diamonds based on all of these factors and current market conditions.

Pawning Loose Diamonds at Pawngo

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If you are ready to get your preliminary offer today, start your application online and we will get back to you shortly.