History of the LV

Louis Vuitton Purse & Accessory Online Pawn Loan

The Image of an Iconic Brand – Louis Vuitton, a name of luxury, elegance, and status. Often found on the arms of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and numerous other celebrities, the brand holds an elite status. The iconic LV logo can be found on the arm of many socialites as well as in nearly every street vendors supply selling fakes to the many people who want to be a part of the image this brand represents. And to think it all began with one man who had the passion for elegance and the need for functionality.

Where it all Began

Louis Vuitton began designing in 1854 on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris at a time when travel was beginning to take off. Though many couldn’t afford it, the ones that could were starting to explore, starting to travel, and thus created a need for luggage, which allowed Louis Vuitton to gladly step in. Creating the first flat topped elegant trunks that enabled both a lightweight and an airtight protectiveness made Louis Vuitton one of the first luggage companies to meet the needs of travelers. He began to play around with innovative designs, fabrics, and styles that were adapted quickly into a cosmopolitan lifestyle known for luxury travel. In 6 short years, his company was large enough to open a larger factory to meet the elevated demand for his products.

In 1892 Louis Vuitton died leaving the company to his son Georges. That same year, the company introduced their very first handbag, and the start of the worldwide business we know now. In 1896 to prevent counterfeits, the company came up with the iconic Louis Vuitton logo, thus creating the very first “designer label.” Even with this staggered logo, the brand is one of the most counterfeited brands in fashion history, with only around 1% of all items in circulation being true Louis Vuitton authentic products.

The Next Era

Louis Vuitton opened their first store in Paris in 1914 followed by store openings in New York, London, Buenos Aires and more. After WWI the brand introduced a lightweight travel bag, now known as a duffel bag. Shortly after, they perfected a new method of coating for their signature “Monogram Canvas” which is still used today and allowed them to create smaller items such as wallets and small purses.

From then until now, the brand continues to introduce new designs, new products, and opening new stores worldwide. They have expanded into the world of sports by hosting the “Louis Vuitton Classic”, into the world of luxury goods by merging with the leading manufacturers of champagne and brandy, hired Marc Jacobs as artistic director which lead them into making shoes and ready-to-wear clothing, recreated the iconic “Monogram Canvas” to be available in 33 different colors, and have partnered with numerous companies and models to expand their empire even further.

Today you can find close to 50 luxury brands under Louis Vuitton with everything from watches, perfume, jewelry and leather goods falling into their portfolio. Louis Vuitton consistently ranks among the Top 30 most valuable brands in the world, with ad campaigns starring Gisele Bündchen, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, Catherine Deneuve, and even former USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev. When you own a real, authentic Louis Vuitton of your own, you know you have made it.

Finding Fakes

With fame and success come copycats eager to take advantage of a company’s hard-earned reputation. Unfortunately, few companies have been targeted as hard as Louis Vuitton and the luxury handbags it designs. While most fakes are easily uncovered, some are good enough to fool even highly trained experts.

Most fakes will have poor-quality hardware, the stitching won’t look right and the material may fade and wear in areas that wouldn’t be damaged on an authentic piece. The zipper may be on the wrong side, or the imprinting may have minor blemishes that are hard to spot. Because there are many imposters in the marketplace, it is strongly advised to provide receipts, warranties, boxes, and bags that establish the item’s authenticity when requesting a pawn loan from an online pawn shop.

Cashing in on Your Purse

Whether you want a small business loan or simply want to update your wardrobe, gently used Louis Vuitton bags can create a significant windfall. The canvas Alma MM bags and Monogram Veris Alma PM bags can sell for well over $2,000, which makes them very appealing for clients of an online luxury exchange. We invite you to contact us for a soft evaluation of your Louis Vuitton items and to discover how simple and secure it can be to turn your luxury goods into money you can take to the bank.