For Business And Personal Collateral Loans


Pawngo is a convenient solution to all of your cash needs, providing professional and friendly service via our online platform. We are a unique online pawn store, providing you with the same services as a traditional pawn shop, all via our easy-to-use website and with better interest rates. Being the first online pawn shop to emerge in the United States market, we are well-prepared to fairly and accurately assess the value of a large variety of assets. Our expertise means that you’ll receive a fair price for your valuable items, and a fast track process requiring very little paperwork and no fees or waiting period.

Here’s a brief summary of the unique process utilized by Pawngo, a time-saving, Internet-based system that never requires you to set foot in an actual pawn shop location

First, you complete a short online application. The application requests basic information about the asset you are planning to borrow against and allows us to send you an initial offer for the asset. This offer is not a binding agreement; you are free to accept or decline.

When you accept the offer, we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label, so you can send us the asset free of charge. We also provide full shipping insurance, so you can be confident that your asset is safe in transit.

Once we receive your asset, our evaluation team will complete a thorough inspection of the asset and send you an official final offer.

When you accept the offer, a short process will help us verify your identity, set up your payment method, and sign a brief contract.

If you are using your asset as loan collateral, we will ship it back to you upon completion of your agreed payment amount – it’s that simple!

Here are some of the luxury assets we accept at Pawngo. If you don’t see your asset listed, we invite you to contact us to learn more about how you can use it for collateral loans or liquidation.

Goods & Assets We Provide Pawn Loans On


Many people have high-end jewelry that they never wear, and it simply sits in storage for years. Make use of your luxury jewelry and utilize it as a smart cash source. Essentially, Pawngo will be providing storage for your jewelry and paying you cash to do it.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are another popular asset that the Pawngo team receives from our customers, and we have extensive experience with a range of top designers. Often, high-end watches can be worth thousands of dollars, providing a considerable amount of cash when needed.


Diamonds and diamond jewelry are a popular gift, but not necessarily something you’ll wear every day. Instead of letting your diamonds simply collect dust, use them as a means for a personal collateral loan. When you’re ready to wear them, pay your loan in full, and we’ll send them right back.

Designer Handbags & Accessories

Not only do designer handbags, and accessories often have a high cash value, but they also take up valuable closet space. Clear up some space in your home by sending your items to Pawngo, and we’ll send you the cash you want.

Luxury Cars

Instead of paying a storage facility to keep your luxury car safe, let Pawngo pay you. We will keep your vehicle in a safe, secure location while you maximize its value via a cash payment or loan.

Fine Arts & Collectibles

Rather than attempting to auction off your fine art and collectibles, avoid paying lofty auction fees and work with Pawngo instead. If you aren’t ready to part with your items, we will keep them safe until you’ve satisfied your loan requirements.

Apple Products

If you like to keep up-to-date with the new Apple product releases, you probably have a few old devices laying around. Turn these items into a good cash flow by sending them to Pawngo.

Gold & Precious Metals

Many people try to utilize gold trade-in services to obtain cash for their gold and precious metals, but that can be a risky process. Instead, trust the experts at Pawngo. We keep your valuables secure while you utilize a collateral loan for them.

Musical Instruments

Whether you’ve upgraded to a new instrument or simply have a large collection on hand, your musical instruments can be an excellent source of cash flow when needed. Our team is familiar with market value for a range of instruments, providing you with a much better payment than other pawn shops.

High-end Music Equipment

High-end musical equipment is often very valuable, but a challenge to liquidate. However, working with Pawngo will make it easy to maximize the value and sell or collateralize your items.

Why Choose Pawngo as Your Online Pawn Partner

When you choose to utilize your personal assets as loan collateral with Pawngo, our straightforward and transparent process provides you with a discreet and secure method for receiving cash for your items. The Pawngo team provides payment in amounts ranging from $500 to $5,000,000, specializing in luxury items that are high in value but low in liquidity.

With our professional team of expert evaluators, we are prepared to offer high-value personal collateral loans and cash for a wide range of luxury items. If you’re ready to turn your personal assets into cash, start the Pawngo process today.