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Collateral Loans for Luxury Watches

Collateral Loans for Luxury Watches

Do you need extra funds for your upcoming vacation, to cover tuition costs, invest in a new vehicle, expand your watch collection or to finally launch this new business you’ve been planning for a while? Here is some good news for you: if you own a luxury watch, you can get your projects funded without actually selling your watch.

Here at Pawngo, we offer collateral loans for a wide range of luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, Piguet, Cartier, Hublot, TAG Heuer, and many others. The higher the quality, the higher the loan amount you can have access to. We recommend sending us all the supporting documents you may have for your watch when you apply for the Pawngo Loan (i.e. papers, box, certificates…). You can find more information here: //

What is a collateral loan and how does it differ from a regular loan? A collateral loan (often referred to as a “secured loan” or “asset-backed loan”) is defined as a commercial loan in which an asset is used as collateral. The lender is accepting the asset as a security for the loan.

With a collateral loan, the lender will not examine your personal finances such as credit history, equity contributions, etc… making the whole process a lot smoother and faster. Collateral loans, such as the one’s Pawngo offers, can be completed using a luxury watch or a watch collection you have as collateral. When the loan is paid back, you will re-acquire the asset. Simple and straightforward!

An important benefit for using a collateral loan is that you may qualify for a larger loan amount, lower interest rates and a longer repayment plan than traditional banks may offer.

The Pawngo Process: Send us qualifying information (i.e. – photo, asset details, loan amount requested…) via email or the interactive form on our website ( or ). We will then reach out to you with an initial evaluation and loan offer. Next, we’ll send you a free and insured FedEx prepaid postage label, that you can use to send us the watch. Upon reception of the watch the next day, we will do a final evaluation and send you a final offer and contract. The funds will be sent within minutes of signing the contract. The whole process from start to funding takes as little as 24 hours!

PS: and if you change your mind, no big deal, we’ll send you back your item free of charge. We’ll even pay for your watch’s return postage.

Use case for Watch Collectors. Grow your watch collection by using your existing luxury watches as a way to fund all your future acquisitions. Pawngo proudly partners with Watchbox to help all watch enthusiasts fund their collections! //

Call us today at 1.866.499.2363 to find out how we can help you grow your business! 74% of our clients use Pawngo again, and 99% repay their loan and get their assets back.

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