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Our commitment: Maintaining high standards for our clients

Our commitment: Maintaining high standards for our clients

September of 2018 a client submitted several guitars for evaluation.

The applications and emails sent didn’t seem quite right. We received two of the guitars about a week apart, and completed loan for the first guitar.

When we received the second guitar our expert’s “Spidey” senses were on alert, and we began investigating the packager, we suspected this guitar might have been stolen. After a closer investigation, tracked the second guitar down and identified a contact phone number of whom we believed to be the legitimate owner of the guitar.

We called Dave (the original owner) and started inquiring about the guitar asking, “Did you sell a guitar recently?” “Do you think you have been you been defrauded?” “Are you a victim of identity theft or a financial scam?” Understandably, he was taken aback but Dewey Burke, our CEO Dewey quickly intervened and explained what had happened, who we were, and how we found him.

Yes, it turns out both guitars were stolen.

We contacted the local police and reported the incident. The first guitar we received was given to the police for safekeeping. Hopefully, it finds its way home as well.

Dave was ecstatic. He never thought he’d see his guitar or money again! We arranged to have the guitar returned to him free of charge. We’d like to share his response.

I did not intend to do business with this company.  They were the ones to reach out to me. They have restored my faith in humanity.

 Here is my story: I was, unfortunately, the victim of a scam on craigslist.  I sent a valuable guitar to a buyer in Colorado once I received confirmation of PayPal payment via email.  As it turned out, the payment confirmation was a fake, and I have learned to do my due diligence in selling/buying transactions — not my proudest decision to send before confirming myself with PayPal directly.  I had filed reports, encountered many sleepless nights, and put myself through grief for days.  Then I get a call from the CEO of The Lux Exchange.  He asked me several questions and informed me that he was now in possession of my guitar.  He explained that they had been sent the guitar for collateral on a loan and a few red flags had come up.  The experienced employees recognized these flags and did their due diligence in investigating the guitars real origin.  They were able to trace me down and make contact with me in Indiana.  We had several conversations, and about a week later my guitar was delivered to my front door!! I can’t explain the feeling I felt, knowing it was my mistake and not ever expecting to see this instrument again.

 With that being said, I believe this company works under a high level of honesty and integrity.  They had the knowledge and resources to investigate the items and know when things were not right.  They also never charged me a penny for shipping or offered compensation for writing this review; everything was done just because it was the right thing to do.  The employees and leadership of this company are all to be praised in this situation.  If you are looking to do business with a company that has morals, ethics, and insight, you have found the right resource.  Thank you so much to The Lux Exchange for being what we need in this ever-changing world.

 My sincerest appreciation and gratitude.



Thanks for reaching out to us Dave!