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How to Pay for a Divorce Lawyer With No Money

How to Pay for a Divorce Lawyer With No Money

How to Pay fora Divorce Lawyer

Life can be hard at times, with no prediction of what tomorrow will bring. You can plan and prepare, make lists and check them, but the unexpected can occur at any time with no consideration of one’s feelings. The good news is, there is always a silver lining. If you have found yourself in the middle of a marital breakup and are forced to figure out how to pay for a divorce lawyer with no money, there are options for you to consider.

Get a Lawyer With No Money

Divorce lawyers can get quite pricey, especially when the legal process gets drawn out and you end up in court fighting back and forth for what is rightfully yours. As the bills start to pile up and you feel yourself getting buried, it is important to remember your options. To get money quickly, you or someone on your side can put up assets as collateral. When assets are put up for collateral, you are provided with quick cash and can pay for significant expenses, like divorce lawyers.

To easily lend assets for cash, there is Pawngo; an online pawn platform that works just like a storefront. Pawngo gives you the option to sell your assets for cash or receive an asset-backed loan. Pawngo is a private, quick, secure, and convenient way to help you pay for life’s unexpected costs.

Asset-Backed Loans

An asset-backed loan is an easy way to acquire money quickly. However, unlike selling your assets, asset-backed loans give your asset back to you upon the loan’s expiration. Receiving an asset-backed loan from Pawngo is fairly simple – you send in your asset, where we then appraise the asset and deposit an agreed upon loan amount directly into your bank account. Your precious item is then securely stored in a vault until the period of the loan expires. Each month, that same bank account has automatic withdrawals to cover the monthly loan payments. After the period of the loan ― assuming it is paid back in full ― your asset is shipped back to you.

Acceptable Assets

Many accepted assets can be used to put towards asset-backed loans. Whereas most pawn shops may restrict you to luxuries, there are various household items that Pawngo accepts. Look around your house to see what you can find. Some accepted items include:

Apple products
Designer handbags and accessories
Fine art and collectibles
Gold and other precious metals
High-end music equipment and musical instruments
Luxury cars
Luxury watches

If there is nothing on the list that you can use as collateral, make a quick call to see if anything else can be used. Pawngo strives to assist you as best as they can, judging each item on a case to case basis.

Eliminate the Unexpected Expenses

People get down on their luck sometimes, but there is help. Financial solutions are available to you if you know where to look. You do not have to settle for the cheap divorce lawyers when you have got plenty of acceptable assets sitting around. To find out what you can use as collateral to get your life back on track, contact Pawngo today!

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