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5 Fun Facts about Platinum

5 Fun Facts about Platinum

Did you know that platinum is among the rarest of precious metals on earthy? Platinum is popular today in jewelry setting in the marketplace.

  1. Only about 133 tons of platinum is mined annually and all the platinum in the world (mined to date) is said to be able to fit in the size of an average living room (Source:
  2. More than 90 percent of all platinum supplies come from South Africa and Russia (Source:
  3. Stunning examples of platinum jewelry include Tiffany & Co, Cartier, and Faberge. Diamond engagement rings set in platinum are a current trend (Source: Jewelers’ websites).
  4. The Hope Diamond, famous for its color and size, is set in platinum (Source:
  5. In addition to jewelry, platinum has been utilized in catalytic converters, electrical contacts, pacemakers, and magnets (Source:

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