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What to Look for in Sapphires

What to Look for in Sapphires

If you are in the market for a sapphire or are considering using your sapphire jewelry for a Pawngo jewelry collateral loan, here’s some helpful t information to know.

  • Sapphires, the birthstone for the month of September, aren’t just beautiful and timeless. They’re also some of the most durable gemstones in the marketplace today.  Sapphires score a. 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 on the Mohs’ scale for rating minerals’ hardness. This is second only to diamonds at a perfect 10.
  • Just like diamonds, you should look the 4 C’s when examining the quality of your sapphires.  The first, color, is usually what draw people to sapphires. Sapphires can range from a light blue to a deep blue-green or blue violet. Special color sapphires come in rainbow hues such as pinks, purples, greens, oranges, or yellows. You’ll also want to look at the gemstone’s other three C’s, such as clarity, cut, and carat size.
  • In addition to color, you’ll want to examine the gemstone’s tone, meaning how light or dark it is, and the gemstone’s saturation, which describes how vibrant the color is.
  • Today’s sapphires are usually mined from Burma, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Kasmir, Cambodia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.
  • In addition to being the birthstone of September, jewelry that includes sapphires, such are rings, necklaces and earrings, are the traditional gift for the fifth wedding anniversary and the forty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Sapphires and sapphire jewelry can be used as assets for collateral personal loans with Pawngo. Getting started with us is as easy as visiting our website, filling out an application, and providing us information about your sapphire jewelry or other assets. To learn more about Pawngo visit // or call 1-866-499-2363.

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