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Pawngo Birthstone Highlight: Sapphires

Pawngo Birthstone Highlight: Sapphires

Sapphires, the birthstone for the month of September, are among the most valuable and desired blue gemstones in the marketplace (and are assets we accept, too, at Pawngo). A stunning example is the engagement ring created by House of Garrard for Princess Diana, which features an 18-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded 14 solitaire diamonds and is set in 14K white gold. The ring is now worn by Kate Middleton, bride of Princess William.

Sapphires are a variety of the gem species corundum, and they usually range in color from a very light blue to a dark blue-green or violet blue. The medium blue to dark blue or violet blue varieties are usually the most sought after, and sapphires can also come in a rainbow of colors such as pinks, purples, greens, oranges, or yellows.

Sapphires, though the ages, have been prized and worn by royalty and clergy. They were believed to symbolize heaven and attract blessings. According to lore, sapphires gave their owners wealth, longevity, happiness and health, and were also thought to protect them from envy and harm.

Today’s sapphire varieties are usually mined from Burma, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Kasmir, Cambodia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. In addition to being the birthstone of September, jewelry that includes sapphires, such are rings, necklaces and earrings, are the traditional gift for the fifth
wedding anniversary.

Sapphires and sapphire jewelry can be used as assets for collateral personal loans and jewelry loans with Pawngo. Getting started with us is as easy as visiting our website, filling out an application, and providing us information about your sapphire jewelry or other assets. To learn more about Pawngo visit // or call 1-866-499-2363.

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