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Online Pawn Loans: An Option for Small Businesses

Online Pawn Loans: An Option for Small Businesses

It’s not always easy to succeed when you’re an entrepreneur. Chances are you’ll go through times when everything is fine and others when you hit a bump in the road. For financial challenges such as months when your cash flow might be short or perhaps making payroll, rent or repairs is tight, pawning,
or asset-based lending can be a good option for you as a small business owner. The following are benefits to working with an asset-based lending company to help your business.

  • Collateral loans are fast, easy, safe and confidential.
  • Pawn loans online don’t require a credit check or a lot of paperwork.
  • You can get competitive rates; no principal monthly payment is required; and there’s no compound interest.
  • You probably have a valuable or asset to use for your collateral loan sitting in your home or business right now, so it is convenient.
  • You get to keep your item after your loan is paid off, unlike selling it off somewhere else.
  • You get the cash you need quickly, without an excessive wait time.
  • Pawn loans can help your small business bridge those unexpected gaps in the short term.

The process is secure and safe. For example, personal loans with collateral are among the oldest ways
to get money fast, and it’s much easier to do than people realize.

  • You bring in a valuable or asset to a pawn shop and based on its value, you are offered a collateral loan.
  • If you accept it, the asset is used as collateral until the loan is paid off in full.
  • Once the collateral loan is paid off, you get your collateral back.

Pawngo, the first online pawn shop in the U.S., allows you to secure and process your collateral loan via our website. Just fill out the online application and send your information about your asset directly to us. We then get back to you with a collateral business loan offer. Once you’re reviewed the offer and if you accept it, we provide you with a prepaid FedEx label to ship the item to us and you can get your funding within 24 hours after acceptance of the offer. The item is kept safe with Pawngo and insured and stored during the loan process. Once you pay off your collateral business loan, the item is shipped back to you.

The feedback we get from our customers is that our asset based lending services are fast, convenient and much easier to use than other options. We’ve worked with many people, including small business owners, who are discovering pawning for the first time so if you are a beginner, we can definitely answer more of your questions.

Assets that we accept include jewelry, loose diamonds, luxury watches, precious metals, Apple computers and products, cameras and equipment, musical instruments, and designer handbags. To learn more about online pawn loans or Pawngo visit // or call 1-866-499-2363.

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