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October’s Trick or Treat: Finding Cash in Your Closet

October’s Trick or Treat: Finding Cash in Your Closet

Trick-or-treating – going from house to house in costume in search of yummy candy on Halloween night – has been an American tradition for more 100 years (Source: While candy is a great treat for the kiddos, we, at Pawngo, think that another great way to treat yourself (moms and dads, and others, too) is to identify sources of income sitting right in your own home.  Here are a few quick ways to find assets that can be used for collateral loansor online pawns at Pawngo, right in your own home.

  1. Take the time to clean out your closets this fall. Separate your piles into items you want to keep, sell or pawn, or give away.  Also, before you consider selling an item, take a look at Pawngo’s list of assets that we accept. These include designer jewelryluxury watchesprecious metals, and designer handbags. One of the many benefits to working with Pawngo is that you can use your asset for a collateral loan with us and once the loan if paid off your asset is returned to you so you get to keep it.
  2. Do you have a musical instrument such as a guitar in your home or camera equipment? Pawngo also accepts several brands of musical instruments and cameras and camera equipment to be used as assets for collateral loans.
  3. Do you own Apple computers or Apple products? Pawngo also accepts Apple products to be used as assets for personal collateral loans or business collateral loans.

How Pawngo Works

Getting started with Pawngo is easy and you can do it from the comfort and privacy of your home. It begins by going to our website and filling out an application online. You’ll also need to provide us with information about your asset. We get to back to you with a loan offer based on the value of your asset. If you accept the loan, you can get your cash as quickly as 24 hours after acceptance. To learn more about online pawn loans and Pawngo visit // or call 1-866-499-2363.

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