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How to Fix Your Apple Products

How to Fix Your Apple Products

Do you have a cracked iPhone screen or a MacBook that’s not working? If you’ve invested into an Apple product, you’ll want to keep it working so that it continues to serve you and holds its values.

Pawngo accepts Apple products among the assets that you can use to secure a personal collateral loan or business collateral loan with us. We think Apple products are a worthwhile investment. We also realize you have a choice when it comes to repairing your Apple products.  You can either choose to repair the product through an Apple authorized provider or a non-affiliated vendor, especially when it comes to iPhones screens. There are usually price differences between these options. Another thing to consider is if you want the repairs to be under Apple warranty or not.

Warranty Repairs: If you go this route, it will require you to contact Apple support by computer or phone and then schedule repairs at an Apple authorized service provider or store front. This will usually include Apple’s warranty to stand behind the work but in case of doubt, we suggest
you check directly with Apple.

Other Repair Options: Today, there are other vendors out there that will fix Apple products, particularly iPhone screens.  Under these circumstances it’s unlikely to include the Apple warranty. However, we strongly suggest you confirm this information before you choose whether or not to work with an outside vendor for repairs.

Using Apple Products for Personal Collateral Loans

If you decide to use an Apple product as asset to secure a collateral loan with Pawngo, we ask that you provide us with as much information as you can about your product and its history, including original paperwork and any repair documents if you’ve had them. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of getting an evaluation on your Apple product.

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