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Broncos’ Bling: The Super Bowl 50 Ring

Broncos’ Bling: The Super Bowl 50 Ring

February 7, 2016, was an exciting day for football fans at Pawngo, whose headquarters are in the Mile High City. That’s the day the Denver Broncos, our home team, played the Carolina Panthers and won Super Bowl 50. Since then, the Broncos’ players have received their Super Bowl 50 rings. Like many Super Bowl rings before, these rings were created by Minnesota-based Jostens.

Here are some fun facts we recently learned about the Broncos’ Super Bowl bling. (Source:

  1.  It includes a laboratory-made stone. The stone is a “custom-cut corundum blue stone,” which was laboratory-grown and it matches the Broncos’ official NFL-licensed logo.
  2. The ring is made of 10-karat white and yellow gold. It was made to be durable and solid. According to Jostens, an average championship ring is made up of 93 grams of gold, compared to the two to four grams used in the average engagement ring.
  3. The number of diamonds used in the ring is symbolic.  The number of precious stones used in it correlate to the Broncos’ history. On the Broncos’ ring, above the player’s name on one side and “This one’s for Pat” on the other, there are a total of 56 diamonds. This is equal to the number of years the Broncos have been a team.

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