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7 Budgeting Tips

7 Budgeting Tips

Keeping on a budget is part of good financial planning. Outlined below are several tips from Pawngo, the first online pawn shop in the U.S., to help you with your budget each month.

  1. Know your monthly income and expenses. Using a spreadsheet or a budget tracking program or app can you with this task.
  2. Review your receipts weekly. This can help you track your exact expenses. It will also show you what your spending habits are and help you to eliminate any surprises.
  3. Balance your check book each week. Be sure to see if you qualify for overdraft protection for your back account. If so, sign up. The small monthly fee is better compared to the larger fee if you are ever assessed for a bounced check.
  4. Identify necessary expenses and overestimate them by 10 percent to give yourself a margin of error. Food, electricity, water, transportation, and insurance fall into this category.
  5. Plan your meals and shop ahead. Eating out too often can become a large expense and this is one easy way to save money.
  6. Track of your tax withholding and make adjustments. If your withholding is too small, you will owe money in April.
  7. Set financial goals for yourself and build them into your budget. If you are trying to pay off a credit card or a loan, make sure that the goal and payment amount is part of your monthly planning.

Pawngo Can Help, Too

If you find yourself with an unexpected cash flow shortage, Pawngo can help you with your short-term financial needs. Getting started with us is easy and doesn’t require an extensive credit check. Plus, you can do it from the comfort and privacy of your home. Just go to our website and fill out an application online. You’ll also need to provide us with information about your asset for a collateral loan offer. To learn more about online pawn loans and Pawngo visit // or call 1-866-499-2363.

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